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Glyphs in Progress Glyph Search

Learn where and how we found these Glyphs on the Glyph Search Page

Completed Glyph Sequences

Here you will find all of the completed glyph sequences discovered by your friendly SEC3 Operatives.  Enjoy the fruits of our labor!


100k EXP + Orbital Swift Armor Set


50k EXP + Spartan Assault concept art + Flying Colors emblem


30k EXP + Vertigo & Pitfall concept art


15k EXP + Three of Three required for Flying Colors Emblem


15K EXP + Two of Three required for Flying Colors Emblem.



10K EXP + One of Three required for Flying Colors Emblem.



40K EXP + Castle Map-pack concept art

Glyph locations HERE


50K EXP + Full Length REBIRTH video(5 extra minutes),
and Overachiever Emblem

[Silentium Code] 

20K-XP, Rebirth Video

Majestic Image Archive / 25K-XP

Recent efforts from SECTION 3 have seen the release of another complete Linear Jigsaw. - Good eye for detail.

Info on how it was HERE

Glyph locations video HERE will show you where to find them on each map.



[​LASO Emblem + 50K XP]

The LASO Emblem was recently give to us by OPDuranu.  Who was previously given the glyphs but was instructed not to release it until now.  Duranu decided to make a game of it and give us a puzzle to solve.  You can find the puzzle HERE.  Ho_Musabi was the first to solve the puzzle giving us this image.



Discovered by Devoltar

Devoltar then entered the "wrong code" into the classified section at Halo Waypoint (17-01-0E-15-0F-25-0F-17-1B-0D glyphs: 23 1 14 21 15 37 15 23 27 13 ), and got an unlock


The |ALPHA HALO ARCHIVE| was discovered in the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Terminals that were spread out in almost every mission. Within these Terminals there was Forerunner Glyphs that you see in all of the current Sequences. The Glyphs were found out to be enterable via Halo Waypoint on Xbox360 by pressing X on the controller while on the main screen. A Glyph Screen appeared, and within this screen was the symbols that were seen in the Terminals. Players then began entering the symbols into the new Glyph screen and it was found that the in-game Terminals were able to be unlocked onto Waypoint for viewing at any time, and as well a secret Tenth Terminal that was unlocked once all other codes were entered.

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